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Can you help me learn more about this area of research?


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Hi all, 

I am a 2nd year post-bacc research assistant planning to apply to clinical/counseling PhD programs this upcoming fall. I am making efforts to narrow my research interests, as they are still somewhat broad, so that I can start developing a sense of where/who I may apply to. 

I worked with a graduate student recently whose interest was the development of scalable interventions, and I feel like this is largely in line with what I am interested in as well (I haven't yet talked to this student to gain more info from them, but I will soon). I am wondering if anyone has any resources/suggestions/people of interest related to research surrounding the development of interventions for various psychopathologies. I am unsure where a good starting point may be when it comes to learning more about this type of research. Is this a specific subfield (like neuropsych or health)?  

Any help is much appreciated! 

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