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Funding for International PhD Applicants to US Schools



Hey guys, I am just really confused about the funding process and got conflicting information. I'm currently studying at a Canadian University and hope to apply to a US school for PhD. I know for most US PhD programs, once you are admitted you receive full funding for tuition, etc right? But is that still the case for international students who aren't eligible for federal funding? But I heard there are international students that got "full scholarship" for their program. How does that work? Are International students ever eligible for full funding at all?

Thanks so much!!

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I am a returning international student ( previously got into a Ph.D. program but mastered out due to health) and have a bit of experience dealing with admission. Generally, all the Ph.D. students get guaranteed funding for five years (in hard science and life sciences).  It might be different in humanity due to funding availability.  Also, I have seen some engineering programs have funding issues. Funding would generally cover stipend, tuition, and health insurance. However, if your PI does not have the funds to support you, you have to work as a TA. This could be a bit of a hassle if you are a senior graduate student with much research work.  Also, you would not be eligible for most of the awards.  

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