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Overlapping Interview Dates



hi all! i've recently received invitations for interviews for two schools that completely overlap. Both of these schools only have one interview weekend, so there aren't alternative interview options. how should i best approach this problem? would it be completely out of line to email both schools, explaining the situation and asking if something could be worked out? or should i just choose one over the other? Both of these schools are my top choices so i'd hate to miss out on interviewing at one school but don't want to jeopardize my chances at both schools by emailing them both about this conflict.

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I have the same issue. My interview days overlap, but I was able to request that specific times don't. So if one school schedules an interview for 8am, then you can tell the other school, I have availability after 9am for example. I guess it depends on the program, but they really are more flexible than you think, especially with the virtual interviews this year.

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