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MPH Canada (Fall 2021 Admission)


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Hello everyone, I'm hoping this forum will be useful for all us anxious applicants. Please share your details below as followed. Also, feel free to ask questions! I would really appreciate updates from all of you! Goodluck :) 

Undergraduate Program: Bachelor's of Public Health at University of Waterloo

GPA: 83% 

Work Experience: 1 year Optometry clinic (evaluating protocols for covid-19, booking & encouraging patients to come in for annual appointments focusing on cure over prevention, conducting covid-19 assessments questianorie for patients prior to appointments), 4 months Teaching Assistant (assisting professors, marking exams, providing students with help, and support of resources for mental health), 4 months Research Assistant (studying grief and the impact on mental health - focusing on Indigenous and Indigenous populations), 4 months Social Media Editor (promoting health with the use of social media), 1 year Tutor (student with learning disabilities), 6 months Blogger (health & wellness content) 

Volunteering: Peer Health Education (educating about substance abuse and hard reduction), Full Soul (communication lead - organization based on reducing maternal mortality), Changing the Flow (improving menstrual poverty and eliminating stigma), Bloom The Red Project (same thing as Changing the Flow), Letters of Love (writing letters to elderly in isolation due to covid-19 - helping improve their mental health), Be My Eyes (helping visual disability individuals). 

Programs Applied: MPH at University of Waterloo, Western, Ottawa on January 2nd. 

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