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University of Calgary Deadline Strictness

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Hi all,

I am applying to the anthropology master’s at the University of Calgary and am freaking out a little. The anthropology program’s website says that all documents must be received by January 15. I’ve uploaded everything I need to so now, I’m waiting for my final recommender to upload her letter and my final official transcripts (which can only be mailed hard copies) to get there. I ordered them last week and it stated on all of the sites that they should arrive in 3-5 business days but I haven’t seen anything that they’ve arrived and my application is still marked as incomplete. I want to know if anyone has experience applying there and if any of their documents arrived late. The anthropology FAQ section says that an application won’t be reviewed if it’s incomplete but how much does this match up with reality? I ask because the anthropology researcher I want to work with told me like a month ago that they will send follow-up emails letting you know something is missing and won’t toss out your application automatically if it’s incomplete. I just want to know if anyone has an experience that confirms what she said. 

Any insight would be appreciated.


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