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Harvard Mdes - Medium direction


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Hey guys. I have a few questions about the MDes program at Harvard GSD. 

Does it require (or strongly prefer) architecture / urban planning background from applicants? It seems like they have a strong preference from the website and student works they posted. However, some students I knew from this program are not doing anything architecture related at all... I am quite confused. 

I have a design background from college, and my portfolio focus more on interaction design and user experience design. I mentioned some but not so important experience related to spatial planning in my essay. Do you think I still have a chance to get in? 


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Hey, I also have this question. Although my background is interior architecture, but I used UX and interior portfolio to apply. I attended their open house and found out some of the students' projects are about Tech and interaction, so I don't know which backgrounds they are preferred. Did you get the admission from them?

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