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Submitted my app to HKS but worried about my international academic transcript possibly not meeting their requirement.

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Hi guys,

I submitted my application to HKS, but I just realized my transcripts may not satisfy their requirement. But I might just be overthinking.
That's why I'm asking for your opinions.

HKS says

Your transcripts must include the following:

- Proof of degree conferral
(mine only says "Degree: BA (Linguistics)") I'm not sure if they would consider "Degree: BA (Linguistics)" a proof of degree conferral?)
- Date of degree conferral
(mine says "Date of COMPLETION")

HKS: If you received a degree from an institution but it is not explicitly stated on your transcript that you received a degree, you will need to request separate documentation from your university. Please note the wording “graduated” or “COMPLETED” does not fulfill this requirement. The document should state the degree you received and date you received your degree.

My transcript contains the wording "Degree earned through ...", but it is not explicitly stated and might be an inadequate explanation. The position of this wording in the document is also far from "Degree: BA (Linguistics)".

At that time, I forgot to submit separate documentation that says I received a degree.
HKS seems not to accept any updates after the application deadline has passed.
Am I thinking too much about this requirement?
Should I even bother contacting the Admissions Office? What do you guys think?

Thank you.

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I think it's far too late to issue corrections or add documents to your application. But I wouldn't worry too much. HKS has said in multiple emails that if something in your application is missing or wrong they will contact you. If your portal has a green check next to "All documents have been checked and verified by Office of Admissions", then you're fine. Otherwise contact HKS.

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