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Fall 2022 - Stat/Biostat MS Profile Eval + Advice Appreciated!

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Hi everyone! I am a few years out of college and will be applying to masters programs in statistics/biostatistics this year.
I am concerned about my low grades in my math and stat classes (which didn’t improve over time as I would have liked), as well as the fact that I can probably only get one letter of rec from a professor.
At what level will I be competitive for any stat/biostat masters programs? I know that masters programs are easier to get into than PhD programs, but I'm just not sure to what extent. For example, I’ve been looking into UCLA’s biostat masters, is this reasonable? What about Berkeley biostat? Should I take any courses online or at a local university to make up for my current record?

Additionally, if I were to apply for a PhD program post masters, how would my undergrad record affect my application, assuming the masters goes well? Thank you!
Undergrad Institution: UChicago
Major(s): Math and Econ
GPA: 3.39
Type of Student: Domestic Asian male
GRE General Test: 166Q, 164V, 5.0AW

Relevant Math/Stat Courses:

First year: Calc III (C), Intro to Proofs and Linear Algebra (B)

Second year: Real Analysis I-III (B, A-, B), Statistical Theory and Methods I (B-), Econometrics (A-)

Third year: Intro to Computer Science I-II (A-, B+), Abstract Linear Algebra (B+), Abstract Algebra I (C+), Intro to Mathematical Probability (C+), ODEs (Pass)

Fourth year: Measure Theory (B-), Computational Linguistics (A), Complex Analysis (B-)

Programs Applying: MS in Statistics/Biostatistics, interested in applying to PhD programs in the future but want more research experience and better grades in masters
Research Experience: No RA experience. Will be first author on a paper using some ML going into a low-level journal by the time I apply
Work Experience:  3 years in data science/analytics at a tech company
Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's List
Letters of Recommendation: One letter of rec from economics professor, two from work supervisors (one with econ PhD, one with astrophysics PhD)

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