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I completed my bachelors a while back and it was awful. I could come up with a bunch of excuses, but I know nobody cares. 

I'm now in my 30s and I'm doing a Mdiv at Gordon Conwell.  By the time I graduate and do a ThM i will be in my mid to late thirties. My question is: 

How much will my terrible and undergrad from 10 years ago count against me? If i could manage to have an outstanding grad and postgrad career would I have a shot at a top tier school? 

What would even be considered an outstanding postgrad career? 

I'm a longtime lurker here and you guys are all awesome, I appreciate your input. 

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I think if you excel doing your MDiv you'll be fine, but top tier schools are unbelievably selective. Oxford and Cambridge should be places to consider. Their programs are shorter, for one thing. I would talk to faculty at GC and get connected with graduates from there and similar seminaries who have went on to top programs and good careers and get advice from them. I know someone who studied business as an undergrad (i.e. not the best background for graduate work in religion), but then excelled at Westminster and Cambridge and now has a pretty good gig at a seminary and is very active in his field.

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