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ASU or UCR for Pure Math?

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I'm lucky enough to have two have two standing offers for Arizona State University and the University of California, Riverside. Both of these are for a PhD in Pure Math, and both of these funding offers are roughly equivalent. The UCR offer is a bit more generous, but with the elevated cost of living in Riverside compared to Tempe, I'm calling it a draw. There are professors at both schools that I like in similar areas. I'm basically trying to get into Quantum Computing theory by way of low-dimensional Topology and/or Quantum Algebras. UCR has a few notable knot theorists, and ASU has some strong mathematicians in Graph/Tessalation/Lattice theory. Basically, I'm at a draw with these two, and I feel like the rest really comes down to culture fit.

To anyone who has experience with one or both of these schools, what are your opinions? Specifically, what is life like in Tempe/Riverside, what are the math communities like, etc. Any feedback would be helpful.

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