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Any other math groups want to start a study group before we get destroyed in grad school?

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Hey guys,

I'm thinking about trying to form a couple of small study groups in preparation for the math PhD/Masters programs many of us will be starting in Fall (2021). Personally, I'm choosing to focus on Algebra and Geometry/Topology. I'm hoping to get a group of 4-5 individuals together, pick a book we all want to read/review, and work together on the exercises. Below are some suggestions I'm considering:

Topology (Munkres)
Algebraic Topology (Hatcher)
Intro to Algebra (Gallian)
Commutative Algebra (Atiyah/MacDonnald)
Homological Algebra (Rotman)

I'm open to others as well. If anyone is interested, hit me up, or let me know what you think in the thread.

Good luck out there. -UD

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