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Is a mental health-focused MPH too specific?


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Hi and good luck to everyone applying this year! Posting because I wanted to hear some thoughts about choosing a MPH program. Any insights would be helpful, otherwise thank you for reading!

I applied to Temple (Social and Behavioral Sciences), Drexel (Community Health and Prevention), and the Colorado School of Public Health (Population Mental Health and Wellbeing) for a MPH. I've been lucky enough to be accepted by Temple and Drexel, and I'm still waiting on CSPH.

My question is this: If I get in to CSPH, is getting a MPH specifically in mental health too narrow to find opportunities post-graduation, or does it give me an edge in my field of interest?

I want to work in urban mental health in research/program development looking at service accessibility and use (but I'm passionate about public mental health in general and am excited for my interests in the field to potentially change in grad school!). I know public mental health is the field I want to work in, and of the three schools I am definitely most excited by CSPH's curriculum. I really like Drexel and Temple as well, but I know that I won't get specifically mental health-focused education there. However, I know CSPH's PMHW program is pretty new, so I want to get some thoughts about whether going there if accepted is the best choice. Thank you for reading!

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