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Summer Internships!


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Hi everyone! I have really been struggling to find summer 2021 internship opportunities because a lot of places aren't offering any with COVID, I figured I'm not the only one so wanted to make a post that could potentially help us all. Personally, I'm getting my MAIOP in Chicago so I'm hoping for something nearby/remote and in my field; I've looked on SIOP's website, LinkedIn, Indeed, my school's blackboard page with internship postings, and I've found fewer than 5 postings total (let alone ones that might actually be a good fit). 

Any advice is appreciated, feel free to add anything for other fields as well!

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In additional to the places you stated you are already checking, I would also recommend checking professional organizations/groups/societies websites. I have seen several posts about internships through the Society for Social and Personality Science. I'm sure other organizations similar to your area of study also have mechanisms for posting internships and research opportunities as well! 

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