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Assuming rejection, what should I do?




I've applied to graduate school in Korea at one of the big three (SKY) as an international student. However my GPA in undergrad was quite bad (~2.8) (I botched fourth year due to personal and financial issues) and I did not even realize the GRE was a test that could be taken outside of the united states until it was too late, and so I took it without studying right before the deadline and only got 161Q, 166V.  So I didn't submit those scores. I've been working in the space industry for 3 years, so I think that might help, but I don't know that it will help that much.

I'm basically assuming I'll be rejected for the early application round, with results in early march. The late application starts middle of march. I've already studied and retaken the GRE and gotten 169Q, 166V. and I'm trying to pad out my application by taking online courses in the evenings after work. I can't take TOPIK until april unfortunately. So, anyway, tl:dr I have some questions:

1) Normally I'd like to give profs more time for LORs, but if I wait untill march that is only a month-ish before the next deadline. On the other hand, it feels weird to say "hey assuming I'll fail can I get another LOR?" So should I wait or send an email to my profs now?

2) Assuming I'm rejected, is it rude to contact the school/admissions and ask what I could do to improve? Or is there any mechanism for that to see what I could improve upon?

3) Any other general advice for improving my application within 2 months?

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