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Acceptance deadline before other schools


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I have recently received my first admission to a MA counselling psychology program. While I am very excited to be accepted into this program their deadline for accepting is March 2nd, which is earlier than I will be hearing back from the other schools (and potential funding) I have applied for. I was wondering if anyone might have advice on either reaching out to the universities I am still waiting to hear from to inquire about my application or asking the accepting university for an extension on the deadline (I have heard other people doing this but personally feel weird doing that). Any advice is appreciated :D

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Like Mara15, I'm looking forward to the same advices. I currently got one rejection and one admission, in Computer Science, whose deadline for accepting offer is March 11. The funding offer is good. However, as I applied to many schools and got 6 interviews so far, I hope to at least know a number of results before deciding. May I ask a related question then? Is it likely that I will get results from most schools by March 11 ? 

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