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How is UIUC regarded in the Clinical Psych community/academia? (Feeling a bit lost)


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Hey all, 

Was curious to hear of your all's thoughts about this department and school. From what I know it is a highly regarded department, but I am feeling a bit confused as I have limited advice and contact with advisors due to COVID.  Any insight and thoughts are welcome!

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Hey, are you applying there? My review might be false but this is just my observation and input from talking with my supervisor. UIUC used to be a great school if you are looking to study clinical community psychology. So many outstanding and prominent community psychologist from back then (and even now) graduated from there. But my supervisor said it's no longer THE school for community psychologist since the direction and faculty kinda change. I know some assistant professors who graduated from there,  but never really ask about their experience. So if being trained as a clinical community psychologist is what you are looking for,  then probably think twice. But other than that, probably someone else can speak more. Again, those are just rumors and don't quote me on it. I have zero direct exposure/ never contact the school. Good luck!

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