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Job prospects for Development programs

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Hello all,

I’ve been reading this forum over the last few months and figured I’d make this post now that the most recent application cycle is over. I’ll be applying this fall to a number of programs generally focuses on Econ. Policy and perhaps IR for development.

I have seen a few posts about Int. Development, which is my area of personal interest, but little information about the job climate for post grads. It is unlikely that I’ll be going to a top program (If i manage to get in it's unlikely i get $$, and I'm not willing to take the debt.), and am wondering if I graduate from a decent or middle ground school, if my job prospects in this field will be too limiting/non-existant. One such program I’m consider is the HHH school at U of Minn. (I live in Minnea) which has a new MDP program (so if you know anything about this program specifically it would be greatly appreciated).

So there it is, I speak French and my job background is in finance if that changes anything. Any thoughts out there as to the comparable job markets of getting a degree in development vs. a MPP/MPA/IR Econ. Degree? I would think that the latter choices are more versatile, but I would far more like a job in international development.

Thanks! Any input is appreciated!

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