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Anyone else only apply to one school/program?


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I only applied to one school and one very specific program - UC Santa Cruz's Games & Playable Media professional MS. There aren't a whole lot of game development programs out there, plus this program is really highly-rated and is the best suited for me. Ugh, I'm so nervous; I could hear back any day now. ? I'm also living and working in Japan, but because of COVID I can't even go out and do something fun to distract myself! 

Anyone else only waiting for one result? How are you surviving this anxiety?!



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@mads6, do you know when you're supposed to hear back? What kind of program did you apply for? I creeped my program's Twitter page and they posted something about results being released around March 12th ? hang in there!

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I'm not sure, I did some searching on social media but no luck so could hear any time in the next 3 weeks. Search on here varied from mid February to early March but the program starts in June so I'm hoping to hear soon in order to secure housing wherever I end up. I applied to Brown's MAT Social Studies program. Hang in there too, thank you and best of luck!

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I only applied to one as well. The MA program in Communication and New Media at McMaster University. I requested an update last week and they said they've received twice the usual number of applicants, and won't have final decisions ready until late March or early April at the latest.

This is so nerve-wrecking because I've been waiting for this for 2 years (with several signs pointing me in their direction), but I had actually talked myself out of applying (severe Imposter Syndrome) and submitted my application the day before the deadline. I've been keeping an eye on their social media pages and my proposed supervisor's LinkedIn (he did accept my connection invitation).

So far I've only seen 1 person post today on thegradcafe about getting waitlisted for the PhD program in the department. My husband and I have decided that regardless of the decision, we're still going to move to the area though and I will gain more industry experience. (Hopefully hearing something sooner rather than later within the next 2-3 weeks)

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