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Could you please take a look and tell the likelihood of me getting into a PhD?


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Hi all,

I am eager to start my PhD after 6 years of working in the field. Will be appreciated if you can take a quick look and frankly tell me whether I will be getting into a PhD program at top 10 policy schools in the USA. 

- BA in History & Economics at No.1 school in my home country (GPA 3.9 out of 4.3) / MA in Policy Studies at Stanford (GPA 3.8 out of 4.0)

- 6 years of working experience as equity/credit analyst in the financial industry; I have been covering social issues (related to workers) out of ESG (environmental, social, and government) risks facing companies while focusing on consumer/retail/e-commerce sectors, from which my area of interest has derived. 

- GRE: reading/writing above 85%, quant 98% (plan to take a test again to make it better if required)

- No publications. Outstanding thesis award at undergrad. No MA thesis (policy project, instead) but one thesis-like writing sample for which a professor would write a letter. Another writing sample where I did quantitative/empirical research to prove my relevant knowledge.

- Recommendation letters from professors - assistant professors at top tier school and one full professor at university in my home country. I could not secure recommendations from well-known, full professors at top tier but plan to rather seek recommendations from those who I've closely worked with and are willing to write some detailed comments about me. 

- I am thinking of applying for top policy schools in the US (Chicago Harris, Berkeley Goldman, Duke Sanford, etc.) as well as some other schools with faculty/programs that are relevant to my area of interest (Wharton business ethics, MIT institute for work and employment, etc.). Of course, I plan to apply for second tier to be safe as well.

- Will appreciate your frank comments. It will help me see myself more objectively and adjust my application plans. 

Thank you!

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