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McGill MSCS (Thesis) v/s University of Utah MSCS; focus on ML techniques in computer graphics


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I've got admits from both and I am leaning towards McGill as it has better ranking, more faculty and Canada immigration is easier. However, I don't really have any more objective facts and was wondering if anyone could help. My focus is applied machine learning on problems in computer graphics - both schools have professors who I would like to work with. 

What I am not sure about is what Master's alumuni do after graduating from these institutes (especially McGill). Per my research, most Utah grads go on to general SE roles and an exceptional few go on to specialized roles at Nvidia etc. I really couldn't find any alumni info about McGill grads. Can anyone give me a general idea about this?

 How does the industry view both of these schools?

Any other info is welcome!

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I know a few alums who are working in specialized fields and a lot of them are choosing to do PhD as well. Btw could you share your profile. I have also applied to Mcgill as well. Had an interview in November, prof gave me go ahead to apply. I have an integrated masters from top IIT in Mathematics and Computing. 7.7/10 CGPA. Two major awards from institute. 1 Scholarship. lots of extracurriculars and 2.5 years of work ex. from a top company in India. Is my cgpa too low or something?

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