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Psy.D vs PhD

Renz A

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hi everyone, I have been perusing the site for the past 2 days and am so grateful that I found this forum!

My general question is how do the two app processes differ from each other?

And specifically, do Psy.D adcoms give as much weight to previous clinical or research experience as PhD ones do?

I ask because I graduated from a foreign university wherein our only source of research experience were the papers that we wrote for our major subjects.. The school I graduated from is recognized in the US (or so I hear) and is known to be research-intensive however it was usually the case that the only people who get to read your work are your fellow proponents and your adviser, and it is not even to critique your work. So obviously, they are not like the published works of students from other schools or countries.. Now would this be considered research experience of the kind that grad schools look for?

And to throw in another one, if I were to take an internship or a position that would hopefully furnish me with a LoR, how long is it expected that the position be held? Assuming that this position is somewhere in the US..?

thanks in advance!

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