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Possible graduate programs available with decent scores


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Hi all,

This is a very general question, but I'm trying to broaden my horizons. I am a Philosophy applicant, but I'm also thinking about next steps if things don't work out this time around. I have considered applying to policy-focused programs and interdisciplinary social science programs if I don't make it into a PhD program in philosophy this time around, I wonder if anyone could suggest where I might look to find benchmarks for other areas of study (I don't want to be a lawyer). To be clear: I know GRE scores aren't everything and don't determine that anyone gets into whatever program. My question is only about how to think very broadly about what my be opened up by decent GRE scores--many of the websites with this kind of information are either run by test-prep companies or seems misleading.

For reference, I am working with 168V/162Q/5AW. I imagine I could score higher if it mattered, but these were around what one is looking for in philosophy so there wasn't much pressure to work at a perfect V score or a higher Q score.

Thanks for any help!

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Schools are putting less and less emphasis on GRE scores, if they're even considered at all. I earned scores that would be above average at pretty much any program (337/5) but they never came up once during my interviews. Poor GRE scores will close doors at more rigorous programs, but good scores will almost never open doors. This has been attested to by my advisor and most professors I've spoken to. 

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