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Proof of Employment for UK Masters of Education



I'm an American finishing up my PhD at an Ivy, and as a potential next step I applied to some education master programs internationally as a step towards eventually teaching in international schools. One I applied to was the Masters in Education at Moray House at the University of Edinburgh. I've been having problems with the application process there - they keep asking for "proof of employment" for all the teaching gigs I listed in my CV.

I know that especially in education master's programs, the sheer number of hours of teaching experience you have can be a huge deciding factor between candidates - I'm currently sitting on something like 2500 hours of teaching experience, which I assumed would help my case. But between COVID times and my school's policies, I can't get all of the proof that they require in the form that they require it (i.e. hand-signed letters on school/company letterhead from direct supervisors listing all the relevant information) even though I did work all of these jobs and get the experience - for example one of the places I worked was closed by the university a couple years ago, so none of my direct supervisors for that position even work at the university anymore.

They have so far requested, over the course of a month, on three separate occasions, basically the same documents over and over, and I have sent back a slightly different collection of reference letters, official work reports, job contracts, and lists of job responsibilities in the hope that this proves and clarifies my experience, but it seems like none of that is sufficient, as they just keep asking.

Does anyone who's applied to UK unis have experience with this? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong / not including that's making them ask so many times for the same information - I'm really getting to the end of my rope here... Is this some weird visa requirement that I'm not meeting? I just don't get it.

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