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Does anyone know how being an alternate works? Does this mean that the individual who was first choice has not yet accepted? OR do they still have you as an alternate even if the offer was accepted - and they are just waiting in case the person changes their mind? ORRR am I just on a general alternate list - so it's not specific to a given lab, but more about the amount of openings in the program? 

I'm too nervous to ask the PI/Director :/

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I just got an email telling me that I have been recommended as an alternate too. I also interviewed. The email said that I should provide a yes or no answer by April 1st and still make plans to begin classes in August.. This is very confusing to me because it seems like I am committing to a program that I might not even accept me..

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On 2/27/2021 at 12:18 PM, BusyBee9 said:

@MCTSE - I agree. It is so confusing and tough to feel like we are in limbo. I've come to the conclusion that I should be patient - but it would be awesome to have a better understanding of how these things work. *ACTIVATE MIND READING SUPER POWER*

I posted on another thread (I'm applying to school psychology programs but wanted more insight about the "alternate" position) and I was told that the alternate position is really just another word for being waitlisted. I agreed to become an alternate for my top program but I also do not want to wait it out because I know this cycle has been extremely competitive and I do want to give others a chance to attend the other programs I have been accepted into if those programs happen to be their top choices.

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