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USC Price 2021 intake


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Hi all,

I haven't seen any forums for Price this term so decided to make one. 


I just heard back from Price today and got into the MPA program with half funding. (I'm an international applicant with no work experience.  )I am still waiting out for another program in Japan so I'm expecting for more information here. If you know anything about Price School or the MPA program, plz leave your comments.
And of course, would love to have discussions and connect with (future) alumni. :) dm or leave your comments.
Hope the best news for everyone!
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I also just heard back from Price and got half funding for the MPA. Similarly, I have very little work experience as well. USC is one of my top choices because of its ranking, third, and the location. Still waiting to hear from NYU, GW, LSE, and Brown. But I'm really leaning towards USC at the moment.


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Someone just created a USC Price facebook group so that admitted students can connect and help support each other as the decision deadline approaches! Feel free to share and join:

FB group - USC Price School of Public Policy - Admitted Prospective Students - Fall 2021


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