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looking for some advice in regard to next step in the sw sector!


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Hi Everyone! 

I'm here looking for some advice on how I should proceed into the social work sector. I graduated with an honours BSc in Global Health and now I'm thinking of going into social work. Would you recommend that I get an SSW diploma from a college or go back to school for a BSW?

I'm receiving mixed responses from people I've connected with in person; some say BSW is the best route and others say it doesn't matter and get an SSW. I have contacted a few schools already; universities for their 2 year BSW program and fast track SSW diploma. I was turned away from the two year and fast-track programs because my undergraduate degree "does not have enough relevant courses in the related field to provide an offer of admission." Due to this, I haven't bothered looking into a masters intensely. I have skimmed over it and I don't qualify just yet. However, at George Brown College, they have said that I am eligible to apply for the fast-track Child and Youth Worker diploma and and the fast-track Community Worker program. The Community Worker program has been deemed an equivalent to a social service worker program by the OCSWSSW so I can be a registered social service worker through this program I guess. 

In terms of experience, I wouldn't say I have a lot of SW experience but I have community development, non-profit, children and youth (recreational), and research experience.

I'm also completing a certificate in Community Engagement, Leadership, and Development which is another reason why I'm not gravitating towards the Community Worker program at George Brown College. Especially with my recent role, I'm hoping to delve into social work as i can really see myself in this field over just public health! 

There's just a lot of information and pathways and I'm just trying to figure out what might be the best route! 

Thank you in advance for all your help! 

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