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ETH Zurich or Michigan for Robotics?


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Hi all!

I have fortunately been offered a PhD in Robotics at Michigan, and a MSc in Robotics, Systems, and Control at ETH Zurich. I am having a really tough time deciding.

The offers are very different. Essentially, I am ultimately interested in a PhD but also do not want to close any doors. If ETH could open significantly more doors in the future (jobs, PhDs, academia) through its prestige and programs, I am willing to work hard to apply for PhDs again in 2 years. 

A few things about me:

- Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from a decent Canadian uni

- Interested in Robotics (specifically prosthetics and human-machine interaction)

- I am interested in R&D in the future and have not entirely ruled out academia as a future career path.

- I would like to live in both Europe and North America in the future, having already lived on both continents.

- Cost is a factor but I am willing to invest in my future


- PhD would be supervised by a relevant prof (although the project is somewhat different from their previous work)

- PhD is fully-funded


- Finalist for ESOP (i.e. funding possible but not guaranteed)

- Tutor is very relevant to my area of interest


Any thoughts, insights, or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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