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International Relations or Middle East Studies?

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I've got a bit of dilemma. I've been accepted to two different MA programs: University of Toronto's Near East Civilizations program and Boston University's International Relations program. BU's program has a Middle East Studies concentration, focused on politics, economy, social movements, etc. Toronto's program is focused more on anthropology and humanities with a smattering of socio-political classes (as interesting as Apocalyptic Zoroastrian Literature sounds, it's not exactly going to get me a job in the foreign service). I'm not 100% sure what I'll do with my degree, but I'd most like to go into government and policy advisement. In my mind, the Toronto name seems to resonant a bit more and will make me somewhat unique in my job search after I graduate. It is, arguably, Canada's best school. But the program isn't exactly what I want to study, but it's close. Then there is BU, with a program that is 100% appropriate to my interests, but I can't help but to feel like when I'm competing with Harvard and Princeton kids I'll get passed up, because let's face it, while BU is a great school, it's not an ivy.

So, does anyone out there have special knowledge about BU's IR program or U of T's Near East Civ program? Any have some advice? And don't tell me to follow my heart. I hate that answer. Thanks all!

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