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School Psychology 2021 Accept/Reject/Waitlist


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Hi everyone, I figured a separate thread like this may be helpful in case anyone would like to know the timelines for programs sending acceptances/waitlists/rejections. We can model it after the same thread from Clinical/Counseling. I know some of us have been posting this info in the master School Psychology PhD 2021 thread, but maybe it will be useful to have it here so the information is organized and more accessible. 




Type of Notification: Email from POI, phone call, etc.

Date Notified:

DM for POI: Yes/No


Good luck all!

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School: UMass Boston, Tulane, Univ of Maryland, Duquesne, Univ of Virginia, Univ of South FL

Type(PhD/PsyD/EdS/Master's) PhD

Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: (in order listed) waitlist-declined the spot, accepted, waitlist, accepted (declined), rejected, rejected

Type of Notification: E-mail from program for all, additional email from POIs for Tulane

Date Notified: UMass Boston- 3/8, Tulane- 2/11, UMD- 2/22, Duquesne-2/21, UVA-1/16, USF-2/11

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