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NYU Stern MSQM vs Duke Master's Engineering Management


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I'm 22 years old with a degree in engineering. I'm going into an operations leadership development program and I'm hoping to be a Program Manager, then eventually a bunch of years down the line a VP of Operations (lofty goals, but I like to dream big).

I don't really know which program would best align with these goals. I really like the curriculum at Duke and I think it's a great school w/ a good name. They also have residencies that are pretty comprehensive and promote networking. I've interacted with the faculty and I love the program director and everyone I've met. NYU Stern has a curriculum with a lot of topics that I know nothing about that are business related/data science related. It's going to be a really difficult program, especially when I'm just starting out my career, but I think I would be able to learn a lot. Again, I love both of the programs and all of the info stated above is me regarding the programs extremely positively. They're both fantastic.

I would have to pay $2250 out of pocket for NYU and $800 out of pocket for Duke for travel expenses and hotels. A moot point, but I just thought I'd add it in case some people were on the fence. I'm also considering getting a 1 yr MBA down the line when I'm 28/29.

To clarify, my employer is offering to pay for my tuition. I'm super grateful for this opportunity and my company. These are the pros and cons I've identified, but I'd like to hear a different perspective from my amazing peers on this forum :)


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