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Anthropology PhD - Deciding between BU and Toronto


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Long time lurker, first time poster! Looking for advice. I'm deciding between two Anthropology PhD programs that I believe are equally well-suited to my interests, Boston University and University of Toronto.

Broadly speaking, my research has to do with health, gender, Christianity, and the effects of US foreign aid in East Africa. I am a dual Canadian-American citizen. I already live in Boston and really like it here. I know that BU is excellent for African Studies. If I go to Toronto, I would have a stronger focus on medical anthropology due to the faculty I'd be working with (plus I would be in the medical anthro track at Toronto, whereas BU is just regular sociocultural). 

My ultimate goal is to be a professor (I am aware of the realities of the field). Any advice about which program would set me up better on the academic job market? Also any general thoughts about either program would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!

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