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Chicago (MACSS), NYU (M.S Data Science), Columbia (QMSS); which one to choose?


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I have been accepted to all three programs and I am thrilled; however I am having trouble deciding between the three. My overall goal is to work in a data analytics/ data science role with some relevance to social science (psychology/economics). I also want to keep the option of doing a PhD in the future open which is why these schools are perfect for that since they all have some sort of research component. The cost is roughly the same for all of them except the MACSS program is about 20k cheaper. In terms of location, I think both NYC and Chicago are great. 

Do any of you have any insight toward which one to pick or any information on any of the programs? 

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If you're looking for flexibility and a shorter program, QMSS is great. If you're looking for a longer program with more teaching, go for MACSS. Otherwise, both programs are very similar. QMSS is particularly great for those with strong goals in mind.

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