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Diversity Fellowships Question


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Question for next year: my advisor hinted that as a white (disabled female) Humanities PhD, I'd be unlikely to receive a fellowship such as the President's Postdoctoral Fellowship, even if my research, teaching, and service emphasize diversity and inclusion. Should I take the time and effort to apply for that next year? After all, this kind of program *should* support scholars of color, and is already so competitive. Same goes for the Gettysburg Consortium for Faculty Diversity (which I did apply to--no word yet.]

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Commenting as a scholar of color—though I understand your reservations to a certain degree, I wouldn’t discount yourself and your perspective as being important in diversifying the professoriate. Especially if you have a track record that attests to your work on that front. If it doesn’t specify that you have to be a scholar of color, why not apply? In the end, you’ll either get it or you won’t, and I doubt it would come down to a single criterion. 

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