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Anyone heard from MIT Architecture?

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Has anyone gotten a decision or know when MIT might send out decisions? The website says early to mid-March through April 1. I’m starting to get worried that I’ll only have 2 weeks before the April 15 acceptance deadline. 

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Hey! I've applied to SMACT (Architecture department as well) but still haven't heard from them.

I just figured though that the Open House page is already available: https://architecture.mit.edu/event/spring-2021-open-house

This makes me think that they have probably already sent letters to those accepted to the programs; I really hope this is not the case, but I'm very afraid it might be so.

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Hi! I applied to SMArchS HTC (History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture), and I haven't heard from them...

No one has been admitted since Mar 2nd according to grad café, which makes me extremely anxious - they might have sent out all the admission letters already. 

I'm also just anxious in general about this program. I wonder if anyone has been admitted for the masters program in HTC because I know there's one admitted for PhD. 

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