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CMU ECE PhD in DFT/Hardware security vs. UT Austin ECE PhD in ML in EDA


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Hi guys, I just received the two offers and I was recently really hesitanting. I have talked with many students and professors from CMU and Austin. But still, I did not make a clear decision.

I graduated from CS department and I was doing ML in EDA previously. Personally, I did not want to touch something related to hardware/EE. My future plan would be finding a faculty (at least current plan) at Hong Kong/Singapore, but I am always open to industry.

I just list my summary here:



1. Maybe higher reputation, especially in CS domain?

2. Private university, more friendly to graduates?

3. We can receive a "free" ML ms by enrolling required courses, which may contribute to our future career.

4. I actually kind of tend to work with US professor since I am too familiar with research in Asian group.

5. The professor is nice and do not push you harshly.


1. I am totally a rookie in DFT (Design for Testing) and hardware security. Also, the two topics may be too "hardware" to attract me and I don't know the difficulty to find a faculty in both directions.

2. The professor is not active now, and only a few students went to faculty.

3. Previously, the professor did not encourage intern, but recently, intern seems to be acceptable. 




1. I can continue my research direction, which seems to be more consistent.

2. The professor is pretty influential recently, and he seems to be still rising.

3. It is easy to find intern, because many companies, i.e., Facebook, Google, Cadence, will ask the professor to recommend students.

4. A fellowship is offered, therefore, the stipend is a little higher.



1. Maybe a little harsh (just a little, many people said the professor was also nice)

2. The reputation may not be as good as CMU. At least in HK, our department head recommended me to CMU without hesitation.


Thanks guys!

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