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MSW Practicum - Drug testing for clinical settings?

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Hi y'all. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge about drug testing for practicums in MSW programs in California. I was accepted today to CSU San Marcos and know that some clinical facilities may require drug screening for MSW students. Drug testing was mentioned both in the info session and acceptance letter - not that the school does testing, but that clinics might. I haven't heard about this from SDSU, the other school I'm waiting to hear back about. I was wondering if anyone knows when drug testing takes place before the start of the fall semester? Since cannabis is legal in California, it would be helpful to have a heads up about when we could be tested - I have no idea when we pick or get assigned a facility to do clinical work in, but imagine it will be sometime by Summer. I tried asking the school about specifics, but they had no info - just said that some clinics might do drug testing so be prepared, but it would be great to have any clue about when this might be...asking for a friend, lol.


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I'm attending a different social work program in CA and was drug tested for my placement. I am working in a medical setting which I believe is more standard to require drug testing. Your placement should make this clear to you if you are assigned that they plan to drug test. 

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Well, as I understand, since cannabis is legal on the Federal level in California, you shouldn't have any issues even if they find it in your blood. However, I would recommend you not to take the risk, as there are a lot of employers who are still skeptical about people who take weed or any products related to it. Since weed became legal in California, I have been looking for all the best methods of growing weed at home as I don't want to order my stuff every time I need it, as I don't smoke that often.

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