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SAIS Admissions and Funding



Please forgive me as I'm totally new here and still learning the ropes. With freakout season in full swing for you guys applying for this coming Fall, I wanted to hear more about your experiences with admissions and funding. How generous is SAIS with funding? I see they have many scholarships, but I haven't really seen a whole lot about how the GPAs, work experience, and other qualifications of their applicants correspond to the aid that's doled out. I see a lot of people applying with 4.0s, but I have no idea how I stack up, and I'm sure you all know exactly how anxiety-inducing it trying to learn more.

I plan on applying to Johns Hopkins SAIS' MAIR Program (likely SAIS Europe) with the Security focus and Russian for the language. I graduated from a mid-tier regional Boston school with honors, 3.78 GPA, and a year's worth of subject-related internship experience (though none abroad) last May. I was hired in an IR-related position shortly after, and would have two years of work experience under my belt before starting the program. I'll be applying for Fall of 2022. I speak intermediate Spanish, and have started to learn the basics of Russian independently. I can also get strong letters of rec, including one from a SAIS grad.

A slight catch is that I'm already in JHU's AAP program, studying part-time and online. I started this spring, but I've come to feel that, for the amount of aid (or lack thereof) AAP offers, I'd be much better off waiting and applying for SAIS instead. Had I not been panicking between COVID and trying to aim my career in the right direction, I would have waited, anyways.

I'm too much of a pessimist to hold out for full-tuition, but is there any hope for admissions with a solid award? Thank you in advance for your patience, and best of luck to everyone waiting on their own letters.


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