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Grad School Application Question - Should I select "Yes" for question Have you ever been disciplined for student conduct violations (e.g. academic probation, dismissal, suspension, disqualification, etc.) by any college or school?


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I am ashamed to admit that in undergraduate school, I got in trouble for cheating. I didn't realize that it is considered cheating to reference a previous class exam to study with since most of my professors had used a previous exam for the class to study. I ended up remembering the concepts and the teacher used the exact same test, so I was flagged for cheating. I have learned from this and have since never used any other study material except administered directly from the professor. Issue now is that I am applying for grad school and one of the questions asks if I have ever been disciplined for student conduct violations. I remember the faculty I spoke with said that this won't show up on my transcript, so I am not sure if I should select "Yes" and explain or "No".

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Hi there,

First of all don't beat yourself up - we all make stupid mistakes sometimes and that is how we learn.

Second - what was your punishment??

Third - Although it may not show up on your transcript, schools do keep a separate file for anything related to discipline action, so it may be in there. I am not quite sure what the procedure is and if this is sent over to grad schools or not. 

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