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Funding For a CUNY Master's Program?


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Hey everyone,

I'm going to CUNY Hunter for my MA in English literature. I'm excited about everything, but funding is my biggest worry.

I doubt there are any GA's and/or funding within CUNY for a Master's.

Both my parents declared bankruptcy, are retired, and don't own property. They can't help me pay or sign or anything.

I went to undergrad (also a CUNY) under full financial aid. EFC = 0

I'm graduating with a 3.88 undergrad GPA and a lot of honors as well as a strong resume.

I would love to avoid or at least depend on loans as little as possible. I know I would be eligible for low rates on federal loans but if they could be avoided, the better.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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The CUNY Grad Center generally doesn't fund most PhD students so I can't see how Hunter (I also go to CUNY undergrad, BTW) could fund MA students. If you really can't or don't want to do federal loans (which are probably your best bet), your only other option, that I know of, would be to seek external funding.

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