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My stat :

Concentration/Program: M.Ed in LDIT (Language and Literacy concentration)
GRE: -

TOEFL iBT : 107

Work experience: I just recently graduated in February 2021. Prior to taking this undergraduate degree, I've had 10 years experience working in baking industry. These past two years I have been building a CLIL-based after school course, and co-founded an indie game developer for education.
Undergrad: BA in English Literature, concentration in Entrepreneurship for Language Students. 
Undergrad GPA: 4.0/4.0
Research: CLIL research in South East Asia (under review, local journal)
LORs: 3 from my undergraduate professors
Other schools: Initially planned to apply to GSE UPenn and TC Columbia this year. Decided to wait for HGSE's result, then if I'm not in, I'll apply to these schools for AY 2022.

2022 plan : Still HGSE, also plan to apply to UNC Chapel Hill.

What to do during waiting I'm focusing on taking care of the school I'm building, creating curriculum for teaching CLIL in South East Asia, developing games, and probably learning how to create chocolate from bean to bar :').

Good luck for us!

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Hi! Sharing a bit of background on me

Concentration/Program: M.Ed in ELOE

Work experience: I work in education go-to-market strategy for a large tech organization. I've been working for 7 years -- first at an EdTech that was acquired, then in other roles. I've also been lucky to sprinkle in some informal education (summer camps!) 
Undergrad: Business Administration, minor in Hebrew Lit
LORs: 1 undergraduate professor, 2 supervisors 
2022 plan: Unsure

What to do during waiting: Lots of cooking, scenario-planning, considering other career opportunities, waiting to be vaccinated, working

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