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Choice between two Master's programs: ETH Cyber Security and EPFL Computer Science


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Hello everyone,

I have two (and only two) admits: one is ETH MSc Cyber Security, and the other is EPFL Master in Computer Science. If I am interested in doing a PhD in computer systems in the future (but not 100% sure), which one should I choose?


Here are the pros and cons I currently think about between the two programs.

ETH CyberSec:
1. The reputation of ETH is slightly better than EPFL internationally.
2. It is a joint program with EPFL, and I can work with professors from both sides; instead if I go to EPFL and want to apply for a PhD at ETH, it will be more difficult.

1. The title of ETH program is CyberSec, and the title of EPFL program is CS. The former may have a negative impact when looking for jobs or PhD positions (?)
2. Course choice of CyberSec might be limited. Even though I can take more relevant courses at ETH D-INFK, I will have to accomplish all mandatory courses in security, resulting in extension of study length.
3. EPFL's career support is better and can help with Swiss internship visa.

For the controversial point (marked with "(?)" above), my opinion is:

1. Among all the tracks under ETH CS (not CyberSec), I am relatively interested in "reliable and secure systems" whose course content is basically the same as that of CyberSec. This means if I go to ETH CS, I may take the same courses as CyberSec too. Moreover at ETH course seelction is highly free, so I can choose other relevant courses in computer systems.
2. Research opportunity is virtually unaffected by the title (at least for staying at ETH, professors tend to look at GPA rather than your title)
3. Looking for a job in computer systems (arch, OS, etc) might not be affected by title (not sure, but I see all relevant recruitment notices simply say they want "computer science or any relevant major", and I guess companies emphasizes on your project experience but not your school and major)


Anyone have comments or more information? Many thanks

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