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Queen's PhDHQ & MScHQ


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Anyone apply to the PhDHQ or MScHQ program.   I'm anxiously awaiting a response for the PhD Program. 

There's nothing from past years on here because it's a fairly new program but hoping they can just put me out of my misery already. 



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I applied to the MScHQ program and have also heard nothing back yet and it is now the end of April. Hoping to hear something soon, getting quite anxious for a response now. I did reach out to them mid April and they just sent the automated “longer wait times due to covid/high volume of applications” response. 

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@waitingforqueens I emailed the dept. and they said that they have sent first round of admissions (for the phDHQ at least) and waiting from responses and sending to people who were waitlisted. Everyone who has not heard back is "under review" and will be reviewed again if more spots open up (although unlikely) . 

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