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Has anyone heard back from Uconn, Udel, or Columbia's MFA Visual Arts Program?


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I'm still waiting to hear admission decisions from the following 3 schools, please let me know if you've already been notified from these programs:

  • The University of Columbia
  • The University of Connecticut
  • The University of Delaware


These are the programs I got accepted to and when:

  • The University of South Dakota, accepted February 2020 (deferred)
  • Brooklyn College, accepted 3/15/2021 (declined because of cost)
  • The University of South Florida, accepted 3/19/2021. I got a full tuition Waiver and a 10K stipend. 


These are the programs I was waitlisted for:

--University of Arkansas, waitlisted on 2/16/2021


These are the programs I was rejected from:

  • Yale, notified 2/7/2021
  • Saic, notified 2/2/2021
  • IU Bloomington 3/12/2021
  • The University of Louisiana, Tulane, notified 3/24/2021 





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