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Bio PhD program @ Scripps (CA campus) vs Northwestern DGP

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Really torn between these two programs and really need some help if anyone is interested in sharing their opinions. Honestly did not expect to be making a decision between these two very different programs (maybe bc I haven't decided what exact direction I wanna go)

Research-wise, both have pretty good labs that are doing the type of research I’m interested in, particularly gene and transcriptional regulations in the context of cancer and development biology. The distinction between them is the emphasis: northwestern has a lot more connections to clinical and translational research and can have access patients samples fairly easily; labs at Scripps have more interests in the chemistry, basic mechanisms and drug development/optimization. I like both but would actually incline towards translational research for future career in academia (at least for now).

Location-wise, Chicago and SD are like polar opposite. One super urban/skyscrapers/tons of restaurants and public transportation near campus while the Scripps has amazing beaches/sunshine/ocean and very spread out places which are almost impossible to get around without a car. Personally I like city life but winter in Chicago is miserable and can’t say no to the beach and sunshine after two winters in New England. 

People-wise, I connect with the students at Scripps on a more personal level; since I can't make a decision, I visited both places and their responses when I told them about my visit were quite different. Northwestern basically said "Well you can't come in to visit the labs but you are welcome to walk around in the public area" while Scripps was like "Great we understand your dilemma and tell us whose lab you would like to visit" and set up an actual itinerary for me to see 5 PIs' lab in-person. I understand NU is not trying to push admitted students given COVID but their way of handling requests to visit did feel a bit distant. I reached to equal number of PIs at both places and everyone at Scripps got back to me positively to set up meeting while only one responded to my Zoom meeting request, one never replied, and one said he is busy and won't be able to meet until very late before 4/15 and may not be taking new students. When all these come together, I just feel the people at Scripps a lot more approachable and willing to recruit me but maybe I am not giving NU many opportunities? 

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