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Visa for Phd Research in USA

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I worked in the USA for a few years prior to 2007. I used a J1 Intern Visa and also a H1B sponsorship

I have an MA in IR and will complete my MPhil in Security Studies in May 2011.

I am looking to enter a PhD programme in Sept 2011.

Does anyone think that applying for an education F1 visa will be hindered by working in the USA before on a completed H1B and J1 intern 18 month visa?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

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Hi ruatipoki

I dont see any reason why it would be a problem as long as you were legal during the process and fulfilled the 2-year home country physical presence requirement if your J1 visa had such a clause (most J1 have it). The latter is actually very important because it is hard to waive.

i was on a J1 a few years before I applied for a F1 and this has never been mentioned as a problem.

Good luck on your visa application!

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