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Dual Degree Programs...Worth?


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Hey y'all!

First time poster here! There's been such a robust and supportive environment here. I can't wait to be more a part of it. 

So, I'm pretty early on my grad school search process (I'm looking at a Fall 2022 admission). There are a couple things I'm certain about (like wanting to be licensed, but not wanting to work as a therapist or in private practice) but there's far more that I'm totally lost on. Right now I'm looking at dual degree programs so that I could have a bit more depth into the policy side of things. So what are y'all's thoughts on these programs? They usually run an extra year, but I'm hoping to apply to a whole bunch of state schools, which will hopefully fund some of my education. 

Wow, okay, excited to hear y'all's opinions!

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