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US - EU business school dilemma


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Hey All,

i have an interesting situation, which I would like to hear ideas upon. My fam now lives in the US, we moved from the EU, where I am currently finishing BA in management and Chinese.

So I can basically work in the EU and US as well, but I am mostly drawn to China as I study the language.

I have applied to LSE Msc Management and Columbia MSc Marketing, from which I got into LSE. My main goal is to get a business degree, with a specialization on China. As of now, I am more drawn to a Phd, than an MBA.. Later consulting or marketing industry for a career, and most likely work in btw US and China. I would like to end up in New York.

Even though I got in LSE, I am most likely going to China for a year as I graduate now and make up my mind there ofm whats next. My question is this:

1) with this background, choosing London and spending 2 or 1 yrs there..is it worth it, or better to try to apply to US schools?? or LSE is perfect for a later US PHd? For MBA, many ppl say MSc is not worth it, rather work couple yrs.

2) there is no MSc programs in the US for business, it is mainly MBAs for which I am too young for being 22 and having some internships.

3) i realize that in a business program the network is essential. I fear that going to London will be beneficial study and network wise, but how is it going to bring me closer to ending up in the US?

Where will I belong in the end (i know we live in globalization, but being torn btw EU-US-China may not be the best.)

I dont know if im making sense.. Im just looking for ideas from ppl with such experience or who have an idea to say about it.

Thanks for any input.

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