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Statistics Ph.D. Profile Eval for Fall 2022

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Hey! I'm new to this forum, but recently came to the decision to apply for statistics Ph.D. programs. Currently working at a data science startup (have done so since graduating undergrad), and feel like this is the step I want to be taking. Would love if you took a look at my profile and gave any advice/especially a list of schools that would be matches/safeties because I want a broad list to work off of and would like to maximize opportunity to get in at least somewhere. Thanks in advance!!
Undergrad Institution: top 10 US university
Major(s): Economics, Finance
Minor: Computer Science
GPA: 3.6
Type of Student: domestic asian male

Q: 170
V: 162
W: 5.5
GRE Subject:
Plan to take in September/October; need to demonstrate strong math background given non-math/stat major exactly
Coursework (completed)
calc 3 (A), statistics 1&2  (A), probability/discrete math (A), data structures & algorithms (B), R (A-)
Future coursework
Planning on taking a Linear Algebra course at a university this summer/fall. Recommendations?
Research experience

data consulting summer research project with the Gates Foundation through my university (summer 2017). can get reference of it, but probably would not use that professor for a recommendation

R, Java, SQL Solid
Python Intermediate

Work experience
Working at a data science startup for the past year full-time (leading political data player), TA-ed discrete math/probability course
Letters of recommendation

3 solid, but not spectacular, ones; current manager (former Ph.D. in stat) at work, discrete math/probability professor, writing/career mentor (fame)


Still pretty unsure; don't have a huge geographic preference but would prefer being in a city (not a deal-breaker). Started thinking of schools like:

Pitt, BU, VT, Arizona, Northeastern, UVA, UCLA, OSU etc. 

Also, my interest is to do research in the politics/campaign space (super interested in data revolution in politics, given my current job), so if you know of any programs that specialize in that, I'd love to hear. I know that MIT/CMU have good joint policy & stat programs, but I feel like they are significant reaches for me.

Appreciate any and all advice!

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