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Where should I apply?[MFA]


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Hi all. AdHocAdjunct here. I'm a current university administrator(think secretary, nothing with a six figure salary) and I've got an M.A. in History. My master's degree wasn't something I really wanted at the time, but I was feeling rather lost and rather got conned into it by the program director. I graduated in December 2017 and since then have been unable to find a job in anything other than secretarial work. Since about 2015 I've had some small success as a poet. I was published first by my school's literary magazine, and then later by a statewide publication, and most recently in an anthology by my school's press. I've thought a lot about what I want to do when my wife graduates(she's an MS-SLP student at my university) and I think I'd like to go back for an M.F.A. I've looked at lots of schools and I'm currently thinking about UTEP, Goddard, Bennington, and Fairfield University's programs. I'm mostly interested in low-or-no residency programs because I need to keep my job at the university for insurance(I have a disability and various other health problems. 

Does anybody have any suggestions?

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