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Deciding MS branch in Canada

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Every site has widely varied answers for which MS branch to go for in Canada, I am from India and have no connections in Canada and people that can give me an idea of what jobs are in demand there. I want to choose my MS accordingly as I want to do my MS there and then get a job in Canada. I am currently doing my Bachelors in Science with the subjects physics, chemistry and math. I will be graduating next year. 

I saw a lot of MS CS, data science and stat application profiles here and have been wanting to ask if math related jobs are preferred more. 

Have been thinking about MS in astrophysics (not sure I have the desired requirements) so if there are any grad astrophysics students here I'd love to get in touch as I have some queries regarding the degree.

I am quite confused about the requirements in most courses so it'll be great if someone could help with that.


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